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The Dental department of Civil Hospital, Aizawl was started in 1975 by Dr Sharma and Dr.Sinha. The first Mizo BDS Dr.Lalzarliana Ralte (L) joined Mizoram Health Services in 1978 and look after the department since 1979.At present, Dental department is functioning as two units for a better service and proper work distribution.



Dr. Zorammawia

Dr.C. Lalrintluangi

Dr. Lalrintluangi Ralte

Dr.F. Muanthanga


Dr. H. Lianthangpuia

Dr. Lachhuanawma Tochhawng

Dr. Zochamliani

Dr. Zothantluangi

Dr. Lalrindiki Ralte



Mr. Lalthakima,   X-ray technician

Ms.Thangzamawii  H.W

Ms. Lalremruati F.A



OPD:  5 days a week attending patients with various Oral and Dental problems

Minor surgery:  On wednesday,  minor surgeries are performed at Dental OPD.

Major surgery:  Operations for Oro facial injuries and abnormalities are done at ENT/ORTHO  O.T as per availability.

The department also renders Dental restorations/ prophylactic treatments like filling, RCT, scaling, etc. in selected cases .




Dental OPD: The department has 5 dental chair with units, two IOPA X-ray machine. The department has neither seperate ward nor OT.  At present it has two beds in Orthopaedic Ward.  For major surgeries, ENT or Ortho departments OT are shared as per availability.

There are nine Dental Surgeons and three other staffs in the department as follows:


2  MDS in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

2  MDS in Orthodontics Dentistry

1  MDS  in  Periodontology

1  MDS in Operative/ Conservative Dentistry

1 MDS in Prosthodontics

2  BDS

1  X ray technician

1  Health Worker

1  Female Attendant


Visiting/ working time:


Monday - Friday

9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


9 a.m. to 12 noon





Daily patients attendants is 80 per day.

For public awareness, the department placed a placard outside the OPD displaying various tobacco products and their effects in Oral cavity including Oral cancer. Also a stamp stating Oral health instructions is reflected in every Dental OPD prescribtion slip.



As Dentistry comprises of various disciplines requiring different specialities, in the future if all these specialities may be established to function as independent unit with full equipments.


Oral  and Maxillofacial Surgery      :         

This discipline deals with Dental patients requiring surgeries of Oro Maxillofacial Complex.To function properly seperate Ward and Ot is required. Dental implants may be done in near future as well as Orthognathic surgery for correction of facial bone deformity.


Orthodontics                    :   

Correction of Malocclusion may be done by braces and removable orhodontics appliances.  Correction of facial developmental anomalies are usually dealed in colaboration with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.


Operative and Conservative Dentistry

This Deptt deals with conservative treatments including restoration  of dental caries, cosmetic crown reconstruction, endodontics treatment etc.


Periodontics  :As this subject deals with prevention, medical & surgical treatment of all types of gingival and periodental diseases ,each patient is treated accordingly.


Prosthodontics: Deals  with  oral and maxillo facial prosthesis.In the future fabrication of orbicular prosthesis,ear prosthesis  may be included in the future.











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