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Civil Hospital Aizawl
was established more than one hundred years ago. Dept of Obst & Gynaecology was only one unit and several years ago gynaecologists from Assam and someone from Military services rendered their service to work in this hospital. About 30 years back our Mizo gynaecologists started their specialized service in this hospital and growing year by year, we had House Surgeons, Rotatory Internees and Medical Officers to assist them. About 15 years back the working doctors were divided into two units for working convenience, operation and OPD service daily. Now each unit is having five doctors and the main activities in this department are mentioned below.

 Outpatient service daily - Unit I having OPD cum Emergency service on Mon-Wed-Fri, Unit II on Tue-Thu-Sat and Sunday-emergency service alternately. OPD activities comprises medical exam and treatment to patients, Early cancer detection service by Pap smears, ultrasonography, emergency operations. Average daily OPD attendants being 130, USG daily more than 20, pap test about 40-70 per month.

Operation Services- Emergency operation per month about 100, other operations major=more than 120 per month, minor more than 120,sterilization 50-70 per month.

Delivery& Emergency services carried out in maternity ward, about 15 newborns daily by operation and normal way of deliveries.

Medicolegal cases particularly sexual assault

Detection of HIV cases and aftercare in collaboration with ART unit.

INFRASTRUCTURE: OPD,OT Indoor, Family planning cell, Maternityservices, Early cancer detection, HIV testing of pregnant ladies, etc.

Machines available-Ultrasound, Diathermy in OT, Laparoscopes, Colposcopes, Cryotherapy, Baby Warmer, Ventouse etc.

Beds available-16 +16 in Gynae ward, 25 in Maternity=Total 57.

Staffs strength: Doctors-9 Gynaecologists, one Medical Officer, Nursing staffs in OT-7,wards  -10 group D 7 etc.


H.O.D. & Head Unit I

Dr. R.L Dangvela

Head Unit II

Dr. Lalmalsawmi Sailo


Dr. Z.R. Thiamsanga
Dr. Vanlalhruaii Fanai
Dr. Lalhmingliana
Dr. Lalbiakdiki
Dr. Zosangpuii
Dr. Ngurnunzami Sailo
Dr. Sarah Fanai


FACILITIES AVAILABLE: Medical Care of patients from OPD, Indoor, operation theatre, all major operations with emergency available. Blood testing, Imaging, ECG and specialized consultation with other disciplines. Family planning services, training of different techniques for rural centre doctors, nursing staffs, blood transfusion etc. Financial assistance in the form of JSY, JSSK, Sterlisation spot compensation money, re-imbursement for patients of Govt. and BPL families.

PUBLIC AWARENESS-SERVICES: Information Extension communication carried out through DDK in various health programmes, occasional rural and urban free clinics

FUTURE PLANNING=New building coming up for Gynae ward and maternity services including neonatology we are planning better healthcare delivery, we are looking forward to have special clinics-infertility, early cancer detection with adequate manpower to handle routine and emergency services of the dept.










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