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ABOUT HMIS           

                Computerized Hospital Management & Information System (HMIS) is successfully developed and implemented in Civil Hospital, Aizawl along with its two distant units Kulikawn Hospital and Mizoram State Cancer Institute Zemabawk. The project was sanctioned by North Eastern Council (NEC) in March, 2011 and the total cost of the project was Rs.466.51 Lakhs. The funding was sanctioned by NEC at 90:10 ratio i.e. 90% funding done by NEC and 10% by Government of Mizoram.

                By the apt design and standard of the software along with its state of the art database engineered to perform with the suitable hardware and network framework the achievement was quiet significant towards functioning of every sphere of the Hospital Services under an integrated software application. With the advent of such computerized system Civil Hospital Aizawl completely functions on computerized clinical records catering to its 300 indoor patient bed capacity along with more than 3 lacs OPD patients and 40000 casualty patients within a year. Clinical standards are maintained under ICD10 standards along with different parametric information inclined towards clinical research, medico legal reference and Statistical output at large. Its is also under significant achievement that all administrative data related to Accounts and Payroll are also under the application system and minimal time, human resources and effort is spent towards up keeping of such. The implementing process involved segment wise training program that included more than 400 hospital staffs in accordance to their specific roles within the hospital functionalities. Under the constant surveillance of the implementation team100% uptime of the application system along with the hardware is observed.

The achievements of the project are as follows:


Implementing an integrated software application system for all functionalities within the hospital.

  Standardization of hospital management system towards clinical and administrative procedures.
  Implementing computerized OPD ticket counters to minimize patient queue and automated disbursement of visiting patient list to respective OPD units. This has a positive impact towards minimizing wait time for a patient as well as non-redundant statistic collection from various OPD units and ticket counters. Patientís demographic information along with diagnosis appears to be fully authentic using such software application.
  Computerized Diagnostics reports disbursements helped in proper standardization and presentation of investigation results as well as statistical reports and stocks.
  Civil Hospital Aizawl Blood Bank appears to be fully computerized and various important aspects serological tests, donor counseling data that are transpire-able to NACO and MSACS are easily generated in time.
  Hospital stores and pharmacy is fully computerized and stocks appear to be up-to-date and ready for analysis at any point of time. Reorder level is maintained to facilitate timely indent generation of life savings medicines and other important items & equipments.
  Indoor Patient Data appears to be fully computerized and represents proper statistics with respect to bed availability, admission, discharge, diagnosis, deaths, live births and other clinical information just in time in proper format.
  Casualty/Emergency Department is also under the surveillance of HMIS to capture patient, diagnosis and treatment along with medico-legal aspects or disaster management.
  Easy inter department and inter hospital referral system being implemented within the HMIS software to keep track of the referred cases within the hospital and outside the hospital or even outside state referral hospitals.
  Template based report generation for Medical Record Section helps to cope-up with the demand of different statistical report preparation specially bulletins and ISO reporting.
  HMIS Operation Theatre module is implemented to maintain proper OT schedule  along with deposition of various OT and anaesthesia related data for different report generation, research and medico-legal references.
  Implementing computerized cash counters induced greater transparency towards fees collection and redundant workload towards accounts maintenance is fully resolved. A significant synchronization in fees collection and consequent deposition towards Rogi Kalyan Samity Accounts is clearly reflected and appreciated.
  Timely generation of Payroll along with maintenance of Leave, Provident Fund and Loan Records resulted in better administration and transparency in hospital administration. Electronic data transfer to the concerned Treasury Office also prove to be one its kind and facilitated better level of eGovernance in the government functionalities.
  Various Accounts Management System software are implemented under HMIS project, viz. Civil Accounts module, Rogi Kalyan Samity Accounts, Mobile Medical Unit Accounts etc.
  The Civil Hospital Medical Library which also appears to be State Medical Library is covered under HMIS project. Doctors and other eligible staff members can access books catalogue and information under HMIS software. A complete Library Management System is developed and implemented under HMIS.


Patient Registration & OPD Ticketing Module
Out Patient Department (OPD) Module
In Patient Department (IPD) Module
Operation Theatre (OT) Module
Pharmacy Module
Laboratory & Diagnostic Investigation Module
Integrated Counselling & Testing Centre (ICTC)
Blood Bank Module
Eye Bank Module
Payroll Module

Maintenance of Employees Details for Group A, B, C & D with Contractual and Wages Paid employees

Paybill Processing for Permanent, Contractual & Wages Paid employees

DA & other arrear Bill Processing

General Provident Fund management & Contributory Pension Fund Management

Employees Loans & Advance Management

Employees Leave Management
Accounts Module

Accounts for Rogi Kalyan Samity
(includes all Registration, Diagnostic, Cabin, Operation, etc. Charges)

Accounts for Mobile Medical Unit

Accounts for Ambulance/Morgue Van, etc.

Establishment/Civil Accounts Module
(Electronic Bill file generation for Treasury Office)
Library Module


Our Specific Objective of the Project


Implementing Hospital Information System


Computerizing Patientsí Medical Records


Designing Standardized Administration Procedure


Computerizing Inventory Management


Costing & Tariff Rationalization


Human Resource Planning


Generation of MIS


Adequate Computer Hardware and Network Accessories are supplied and commissioned under HMIS and for smooth implementation of the project.


 Best quality materials of highly reputed brands are used in project


3 Server Rooms built in Civil Hospital Aizawl, Kulikawn Hospital and Mizoram State Cancer Institute


Dedicated electrical installation with adequate safety equipments installed separately for the computers and other accessories supplied under HMIS


Adequate Desktop computer with Printer & UPS distributed to all departments/sections/units


Laptops are distributed to all Head of Departments


Proper safety measures along with monitoring equipments are commissioned for running the computerized system 24 x 7 basis


Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) network is built up for data sharing with two distant units i.e. Mizoram State Cancer Institute and Kulikawn Hospital


Support engineers are deputed by executing agency for 24x7 basis


High speed dedicated internet connection is installed


The adjuvant attempt of the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Mizoram handshaking with the Funding Agency, NEC Shillong, the project become a success and added a feather to the cap of State Heath Policy at large. The state is indebted towards the doctors, staff members and the executing agency for their valiant effort to implement the system and the Funding agency to extend adequate funding for the project just when it is required.









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