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The Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology came into being on the 14th day of May,2002. Prior to this, all medico legal activities were attended and discharged through the Department of Emergency under the direct supervision of the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.


Establishment and Infrastructure:

The Department has its main Office at the Administrative Building of the hospital which is also separately identified and recognized by the Home Department, Government of Mizoram as the State Medico Legal Centre to cater to all Medico Legal works in the State.

 The Mortuary Complex which is located at the southern end of the Hospital Compound has an Autopsy room, doctorsí work station, waiting shed for the public, room for cold storage of cadaver and one multipurpose room.



At present, the Department has the following staff members:

Consultant & Head of the Department

Dr. Lalringmaia Sailo, MD

Forensic Attendant

Mr. Lalchhuana

ASI of Police deputation from Home Department in State Medico Legal Centre

Mr. David C. Lalthansanga

Police Constable, deputation from Home Department in State Medico Legal Centre

Mr. K. Jacob Remruatfela


Departmental Activities :

The Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is engaged in multifarious activities. It is involved in teaching & training of Intern and Junior doctors, medico-legal postmortems, casualty work, Clinical Forensic medicine Services & court- related works. The Department is getting referred cases from court, Mizoram police and other agencies of the state.


Casualty Services :

The department continues to provide round the clock coverage to the Casualty Department in complicated medico-legal cases such as injury, sexual offences, poisoning cases and is attending all the calls pertaining to medical examination in police & judicial custody as referred by the Casualty Medical Officer.


Medico-legal Postmortem services:

The Doctors of the Department provide medico-legal postmortem examination services which includes Police & Magistrate inquest cases, and exhumation cases on all the days of the week irrespective of holidays and Sundays.


Embalming Services:

The Department also provides embalming services of dead bodies to facilitate transportation over long distance by air and road, and for identification purposes, etc.


Clinical Forensic Medicine:

The Department examines cases of age estimation, medical examination, sample collection for DNA fingerprinting, etc referred by honorable court and other investigating agencies.    









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